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Let me guess…. podcasting has become, or is soon to be, your next business marketing venture to help you showcase your expertise and attract ideal clients online. But you’ve found yourself feeling overwhelmed, or procrastinating to launch, due to the amount of work that’s involved. You are on the hunt for the solution that will rid you of the technical tasks podcasting brings so you can focus on the creative – well, you’re in the right place!

Say goodbye to…

And hello to your Podcast Assistant

With my professional podcast services, we will work closely together to manage and elevate your podcast to the level of your peers and podcast heroes so you can consistently stand out in the crowded industry to attract and convert your ideal clients.

Introducing Your Podcast Assistant…

Hey there, my name’s Phil King – Podcast Editor and Professional Voice Actor.

From a young age, my passion for audio was undeniable. However, it wasn’t until I stumbled upon a captivating YouTube video featuring the talented voiceover artist Bill Weiss that I realised my passion could become a rewarding career. Inspired by this discovery, I wasted no time in constructing my very own voice booth in the comfort of my Shropshire home. I eagerly experimented with various audio equipment, diligently trained my voice, and committed myself to daily recordings. With each passing day, I honed my skills and meticulously crafted audition tapes, hoping to showcase my abilities to businesses worldwide.

After two years of unwavering dedication, I finally secured my first paid voiceover role. Reflecting on those years (6 years ago), they felt like an eternity, yet they were undeniably the most transformative period of my career. During that time, I immersed myself in studying, learning, and mastering the art of audio. This profound knowledge propelled my voice acting career and equipped me with the expertise to support fellow creators in producing exceptional audio content.

Today, as an experienced audio editor with a strong foundation in voiceover, I am privileged to assist podcasters in elevating their craft. My extensive background enables me to offer valuable guidance on microphone techniques, optimise audio recordings, and provide meticulous podcast editing services. By leveraging my skills and experience, I empower podcasters to deliver high-quality audio that captivates their audiences and sets their podcasts apart.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with!

Fun Facts…

1. At the age of 14 my friends and I formed a band which was later scouted by a record label who was interest in us touring in America but unfortunately fell through (we missed out on playing at Johnny Depp's Viper Room, can you believe it?)

2. I’ve produced voiceovers for 100’s of businesses worldwide including; Facebook, Garmin, Royal Mint and Dell.

3. If you haven’t heard my voice, then you may have seen me as an extra in a number of TV series such as Casualty, Doctors and Cobra.

4. I have two Oranda Fancy Goldfish (‘Whitestuff’ & ‘Fatface’) who bring a sense of peace & tranquility in my office during those busy working days.

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