You do the talking, let me do the rest.

Focus on your zone of genius, the stuff you love talking about, and let me sort out the tech side of things.

Services I can help you with

You didn’t start your podcast to be consumed, overwhelmed and stressed out by the challenges audio can bring. You started your podcast to use your voice to connect with your audience, showcase your services and convert ideal clients! As your Podcast Assistant, I’m here to help you reclaim your time back so you can focus on the creative side of your podcast while I take care of the technical aspects which include;

Audio Podcast Editing

Meticulously listening to your podcast episode, to ensure all um’s & er’s and any other distracting noises are removed from your recording while still keeping an authentic feel to your voice.

Video Podcast Editing

Watching every second of the video to ensure Lip syncing, transitions, intros, outros, and social icons are complete, all with the same broadcast standard audio.

Intro / Outro and Trailers

Mixing on brand podcast intro’s and outros with a range of stock and original music to create unique and personalised audio for you (I can even use my voiceover skills to help you create something that’s sure to stand out from your competitors).


Using a mixture of AI technology and White Glove Transcribers to remove any errors or inaccuracies and ensure a high level of accuracy and readability is produced for your transcripts.

Show Notes

Producing episode show notes to establish authority through showcasing your resources while encouraging more people to view your website by enhancing your sites SEO.


Creating on brand audio previews of your latest episodes to be shared on a number of social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc. to attract listeners to tune into the full episode.

Tech Consultation

A 30 min call designed to help you answer and resolve any of your tech problems so you can move forward with the next stages of your podcast.

Podcast Audio Feedback

Send me a link to your Intro, Outro and podcast episode for an in-depth audit to provide you with advice and guidance on changes you can make to improve the quality and attract new and consistent listeners

Prices & Packages

Audio Podcast

£ 200 Per month
  • 4 x episodes up to 60min audio
  • Vocal level adjustment
  • Filler words removal & word gap shortening
  • Sound Quality Improvement
  • Mixed and Mastered to Industry Quality

Video Podcast

£ 240 Per month
  • 4 x videos up to 60min
  • Audio editing as standard
  • Intro, outro & lower third graphics
  • Final Video and Audio files
  • Mixed and Mastered to Industry Quality


Transcriptions -
AI - £20

White Glove Service -
£2 per minute

Show notes -

Audiogram -

Tech Consultation -

Podcast Audio Feedback -

If you require a more bespoke podcast package, please get in touch here to discuss.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of podcast editing services can vary depending on several factors, such as the length of your episodes, the complexity of the editing required, and the specific services included. Generally, podcast editing services can range from around £50 and upward per episode. It’s best to contact me and discuss your specific requirements to get an accurate quote.

The podcast editing process typically includes several steps. First, I will review the raw audio files and remove any background noise, ums, ahs, or other unwanted sounds. I will then enhance the audio quality, adjust volume levels, and apply equalisation and compression to ensure a consistent and professional sound. Additional steps include adding intro/outro music, removing mistakes or pauses, and editing out any tangents or irrelevant sections. Finally, the edited audio will be mastered and delivered in the desired format.

The time required to edit a podcast episode can vary depending on the length of the episode, the complexity of the editing required, and the specific instructions provided. As a rough estimate, it can take between two to five hours to edit a one-hour podcast episode. However, this can vary significantly, so it’s best to discuss this over a coffee chat.

Yes, I welcome specific instructions from my clients. It’s essential to communicate your preferences clearly, including any specific editing styles, desired tone, or elements you want to include or exclude. Providing a sample or reference episode can be helpful to ensure I understand your expectations and deliver the desired outcome.

Not all podcast editing service providers include show notes or transcriptions as part of their editing services. However, I offer these additional services for an extra fee. If you require show notes or transcriptions, I recommend we discuss this beforehand. Alternatively, you could do them yourself or get a VA to do them for you.