Say “goodbye” to Imposter Syndrome πŸ‘‹

When it comes to editing your podcast do you get this loud voice in your head shouting… It’s not my turn,

I’m an imposter,

I don’t know enough,

It won’t work,

I’m not supposed to do this…

It’s a crippling feeling!

If you have experienced it yourself, you know at times it can become all-consuming which is why I want to share my top three tips to help you reduce and remove your imposter syndrome by “Flipping It”

FEAR – don’t think of fear as something that is stopping you from doing what you want to do. Use fear to become more engaged in your activity.

FLIP-IT from “I’m too afraid to post my latest podcast” to “I must post my Podcast otherwise all my listeners will miss out on all that value I am giving them”

ACCEPT FAILURE – Failure is just a word, no one is a master of everything! The skills we need to edit a podcast and get it sounding like the Pros takes a lot of time, effort, and understanding

FLIP- IT and say to yourself, “I haven’t got time to edit my podcast, I’ve got much more important things to do to make my business thrive, I will hire an expert to do it for me!”

FLIP THE IMPOSTER – Focus on the good rather than the bad! Work smarter rather than harder! If you don’t get it right, the first time; do it again! Do not go it alone, there is strength in numbers! Knowledge is power, and you don’t know, what you don’t know; but someone else does

If you are open to sharing, hit reply and let me know…

What is the voice in your head saying, that stops you from moving forward?

Catch up with my clients…

My amazing client Teresa Heath-Wareing is saying goodbye to her awesome OBM Becci Hollis. Becci is travelling around Australia and other parts of the globe for 9 months; a lifetime goal after setting up her own digital business on the side. It will be sad to see Becci go, it has been great working alongside Becci and I wish her all the best.

Teresa is obviously sad to see her go too but we all had a team zoom meeting this week to introduce Becci’s replacement before she goes, which was great to see.

It’s amazing how we can all grow and the choices we make create new chapters in our lives.

Podcast News…

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