How to RANK HIGHER in the podcast charts

So glad to see you here, ready and eager to rank higher on the podcast charts so let me cut the waffle and get straight to it! The longer someone listens to your podcast episode, the higher up the charts you will rank! Which I know is something you would LOVE for your podcast! (Who […]

It’s never too late to start your own podcast!

I don’t know about you friend, but I’ve been spoilt for choice with Netflix shows 😂 It’s been age’s since ‘The Mandalorian’ second season finished (which was frigging awesome) so I’ve been filling in some free time with the food channel and episodes of ‘Supernatural’ on Amazon. But all of a sudden Netflix dropped season […]

Say “goodbye” to Imposter Syndrome 👋

When it comes to editing your podcast do you get this loud voice in your head shouting… It’s not my turn, I’m an imposter, I don’t know enough, It won’t work, I’m not supposed to do this… It’s a crippling feeling! If you have experienced it yourself, you know at times it can become all-consuming […]